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Aurora Calendar is accessible from around the world with no additional set-up. This is perfect for any project, allowing verified users to log in and check updated information in seconds.

We created Aurora with two things in mind: simplicity and power. We understand that, no matter how powerful an application is, it is only as powerful as its ease of use. That's why Aurora is simple and intuitive, no matter what you use it for. No training means no overhead costs and more time to spend working on your project, not ours. Save your company money by investing in a calendar solution created to be easy to use.

If the thought of buying a server and spending the money and time to keep it running frightens you, you're not alone. Servers require constant upkeep, causing companies to spend thousands of dollars on upkeep each year. We take on these costs for you, providing a great, secure server and a domain name. All you need to provide is a computer with an internet connection.

Because there's no complicated hardware required on your part, Aurora requires no IT professionals to keep it running in perfect condition. All support and updates are provided for free by our support staff, allowing a worry-free environment for you to work in.

As the days pass, security is becoming more and more of a concern for corporations around the world. Recognizing this, Aurora is integrated with many security measures to protect against hackers and prying eyes. This keeps your data safe without the need to worry about the latest virus or a hacker stealing or corrupting your data.

Aurora requires no initial investment whatsoever. There is no contract requirement, so if you decide Aurora isn't the solution for you, you may cancel at any time. We are confident that you'll love the way Aurora fits your needs.