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  With Aurora's fantastic handling of permissions, you decide how much control each user or team of users has on a calendar you create. For example, you might want to create a personal calendar that only you can add events to, but you might want to set it up so that other users can see that you are "busy" at a certain time and not see exactly what the event title is. Or you might create a calendar for a certain department of your company, allowing them to add and remove events as they please, all while restricting visibility access to everyone else in the company. If you can imagine it, Aurora can do it.

Multiple Calendars
  Organize your life with multiple calendars. Aurora supports unlimited creation of calendars, allowing you to hide certain ones with a click of a button. The calendar list automatically lists all calendars that you are able to view; you can then decide on which ones to make temporarily invisible, or remove from the list completely. If you need to add it back, it's always available in the preference controls.
Custom calendar colors let you know at a glance which calendar an event belongs to.

  We have taken special care to make sure your data stays in your hands. This way, you can confidently put sensitive information on your calendar without worrying about prying eyes or viruses corrupting your data. Since Aurora finds its home on the internet, there is no worry about a network outage, which can cost your company valuable time and money.

Other features include:
Intelligent time zone configuration
Custom fields
Share calendars with coworkers OR keep Private calendars for personal events
Create recurring events with custom specifications
Set up a complex user-group base to integrate with our powerful permissions
Free updates for the life of the software
Multiple views for easy navigation
Future integration with our Address Book and Project Manager modules
Post comments to any event to keep other members up to date
Tested and created for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari browsers. Works with Macintosh OS X and any post 95 version of Windows